About Us

Saltracker provides IT Expert consultations to Governments and Donor Partners for Sectoral Analysis and

the verification of Program for Results and Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) initiatives.

 Saltracker studies and reports on national sectoral ministries and their constituent cost drivers

and then designs and develops Agile mobile application financial solutions to interconnect

employees to Opensource Enterprise Resource Planning Platforms and results. These solutions use

patented Authentication technologies allowing fraud proof transactions controls and realtime updates.

We design software products that operate in on/offline environments whose goal is to provide

management with realtime reporting for Results.


Mobile Tracking

In addi tion to addressing the challenge of monitoring teacher effort we also monitor the attendance of Orphans and Vulnerable children as it is linked to disbursements from development partners.

The solution is a “Smart Schools System” that allows the Ministry to manage teachers and track learners using existing HR systems on a new IT platform with a feedback information loop on their attendance at school. Part of this system is the use of a mobile application to manage attendance based on a Global Positioning Satellite and Atomic Time Code (GPSOTP) to authenticate head teachers, teachers and students as being at school.

The Smart School Systems, based on an open source Enterprise Resources Programme (similar to the system used by the Ministry of Education, Portugal) supports the management of staff time-sheets, teacher grievance/issue tracking, leave application and approval processes, payroll, recruitment, training, textbook management and a myriad of other enterprise requirements.

The use of the system will replace the slow and outdated paper based school attendance log books, and survey census data with responsive online data collection and real-time reports.

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

Open Education ERP solutions are deployed with an mobile Android and ERP back-end that authenticates the location and atomic-time of a teacher using a basic smartphone. This is used to monitor attendances and reward teachers and learners using block-chain crypto currency reward program.

Open Education ERP Solutions are designed to achieve enhanced daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on development plans and annual budgets of the Ministry of Education.


Saltracker is involved in continent wide projects specializing in Education Sector Management Information Systems (MIS) . These projects involve assessment of  existing National MIS Monitoring and Evaluation systems and reporting on success of international donor party interventions.

The Education MIS Consultancy sets out to solve whether the current IT-enabled M&E system meet the stakeholder needs and whether it was based on an open IT architecture capable of delivering Sector MIS reports via an analysis and needs of readiness of the Sector on M&E and MIS.

IT Services, infrastructure and applications, people, skills, core competencies and champions, culture, ethics, behavior and performance incentives of individuals and of Spending Agencies .